Where did we come from?

It’s simple really. We couldn’t find BJJ gear that we really wanted to show off on the mats. So we made our own. After buying rash guards that we weren’t overly keen on, that didn’t last very long, we thought it was time for a change. So after finding a dedicated supplier of high quality sports gear, we set about designing gear that we would absolutely love, that would last us for a long time on the mats. Thus, reap was born. 

Naturally over time, people found us, began following us, and stayed true to us due to our constant strive for quality and fresh designs. We aim to innovate wherever we can, and often our drops are very limited in quantities due to our aim of limiting our carbon footprint. We only print what we think we can sell, so there’s no overstock, less manufacturing, lighter deliveries and we believe our customers get a true, unique garment that makes them the envy of their fellow BJJ practitioners. 

We strive for the same in our streetwear, combining modern designs with a hint of Jiu Jitsu, so that if you are seen on the street, the real ones know.

We are very excited to be taking steps forward to having more Gi’s in production, after over a year of testing patterns, materials, sizing and designs.

Sign up to our mailing list, for all of our latest product info if you’d like to know more, but for now, welcome to the Cult of Jiu Jitsu. We look forward to rolling with you.