Rick / / Owner

Probably the person replying to your emails. Designs, packages and posts everything. Skater, surfer & purple belt in BJJ, videos everything.

Lottie / / Secret Weapon

Designer, Decision Maker, Steerer of the ship. We'd be well off course without her.

Dan / / Enforcer

Alpinist, adventurer, reaper from day 1. Rumour has it they nearly renamed the Kimura the 'big dan' after him.

Pie / / Hangman

Supporter from day 1. Leglocks, warcraft & comic books. Holds it together when your elbow explodes and you need driving to the hospital.

Doug / / Head of mischief

6-0 pro MMA fighter. Good wrestling, bad knees. If you take him to a restaurant he will throw the naan breads across the room. Somehow also works for Mi6.

Tom / / Photographer

Candid camera skills like no other, throw any ridiculous idea at him and he'll have a go. Tough roll for a whitebelt.

Courtney / / Athlete

Competes more than anyone I've met. Moved to Abu Dhabi, kicked too much ass so they sent her back home where she's ready to take everyones head off. You'll remember this name for years to come.

Will Kaye / / Athlete

Brown Belt. Young gun. The latest addition to our roster. Most importantly, a good person. the sky really is the limit for young Will.

Curtis / / Collaborator

Friend of Reap. Amazing tattoo artist. Sometimes designs stuff for us, more commonly found playing through Dark Souls 3.