The Perfect Arm Drag with Cal Pacino

The Perfect Arm Drag with Cal Pacino

Hey gang! We've uploaded almost all of the videos from our open mat with Cal Pacino to our Youtube channel, so we thought we'd collate them here for you. 

Cal Pacino

Cal is a standout MMA competitor, spending his Prime in the Bellator cage but more recently turning his attention to the professional grappling scene. Competing on stages for Polaris & Grapplefest to name but a few. He is also one of the owners of Northern Submission Series, owner of Exile Jiu Jitsu and Brown Belt under Ellis Younger of North East Jiu Jitsu.

Wrestling Techniques

Cal used his MMA experience to teach us some nice stand up traps, set ups, back takes and takedowns. All of which you can see below. Check them out!

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