How do you get into the UFC?

How do you get into the UFC?

Just how does one get into the UFC?

The most prestigious fight league in the World? Well, through George Hardwick we've had a small glimpse. 

George is (at the time of writing) a 12-1 current Cage Warriors lightweight champion and after defending the belt 3 times with 3 finishes he was offered a slot on the UFC Paris card last November, however, he was on holiday when the UFC rang and had about ten days notice. Not ideal. 

He has then more recently been offered a fight on Dana White's contender series. 

George has over 100k TikTok followers, 40K Instagram followers and a growing Youtube channel. Rumour has it that DWCS is losing viewership steadily, and they're leveraging Georges popularity to boost their numbers. Unfair, not cool in our eyes. Really he should be given a fight on the upcoming UFC London card.

The thing is, the UFC are the biggest game in town. So George has to jump at the opportunity. 

How did he get there? By being undeniable on the local circuit. It was obvious from the get go that George was a killer, his analytical skills plus work ethic turned him into an unstoppable force. 

Then when the bigger leagues came calling, Bellator and the UK UFC feeder league Cage Warriors George put on performances, kept winning fights in electric fashion and here we are. 

So, how do you get to the UFC? By winning fights. Consistently. 

You can support George and his brother Harry by buying this T-shirt from us. We can't wait to see him kill it in the Contender Series, and then the UFC.

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