7 Reasons To Buy a New Rash Guard

7 Reasons To Buy a New Rash Guard

7 Reasons to Buy a New Rash Guard

Listen, we all know you don't actually need any reasons to buy a new rash guard, but sometimes it can be hard convincing your other half why you have yet another Jiu Jitsu package coming through the door. So we've come up with 7 reasons to help you explain to your significant other why you need to feed your Jiu Jitsu addiction.

1. You don't actually own a Rash Guard

This is a fairly straightforward one, but if you train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and you've just been wearing T-shirts etc then it might be time to get yourself a rashguard. Why? Well, they do a few things. Firstly because they are tight to your skin it stops your opponents toes, fingers etc getting stuck in your clothing. Something they'll be very happy about. 

They also protect your skin from any nasties and if you're looking to compete, you'll need to wear one otherwise they won't let you on the mats. 

2. Your current Rash Guard smells like Doritos

If you're training a couple of times a week, you're going to need to buy more than one rashguard. The reality is that BJJ comes with a lot of clothes washing. Gym nasties & skin infections are caused when people don't wash themselves or their training gear and there'll be times when you didn't get chance to wash your gear in time so you'll need spares to keep you going. Ideally 3 or 4 so you're always ready to go.

If you keep wearing the same one Rash Guard over and over again, it's going to start smelling pretty badly. You can combat this with White Spirit Vinegar in your washing machine to take the funk out of it, but by this point it's already started stinking and people have been avoiding rolling with you. Buy some back ups. 

3. You don't own any Reap Rash Guards

This is a big one. We make great rashguards. We aim to have super fresh designs but most importantly on a high quality garment. Hand stitched, durable material but flexible. We spent a long time finding the right manufacturer and we've always been complimented on the quality and long life of our rashguards. 

4. Your Biceps need showing off

T-shirts just don't cut it. You need to show off those swans. Get your guns out, flex all you like. In a T-shirt it feels weird and cringey. In a rash guard it's basically expected. 

5. No one likes chest or stomach hair

It's awful. When you wear a T-shirt, they rise up naturally, gets stuck and your training partners have to swallow a mouthful of your chest hair and it's disgusting. Wear a rash guard, stop your top riding up and guess what, you might actually make friends at Jiu Jitsu class.

6. You can be as cool as John Danaher

If you're brand new to the sport and don't know who John Danaher is, he's like a crazy Jiu Jitsu mastermind that has arguably created some of the best grapplers on Earth. A Major in Philosophy and obsessed with Combat sports. Currently trains Gordon Ryan. He also wears a rash guard all of the time. Like, all of the time. On the mats, off the mats, probably in bed. The man is as odd as they come and you can be just like him.

7. Your neighbours will think you're rock hard

Hanging up a rash guard on your washing line that says the word Jiu Jitsu on it means that you will immediately gain the respect of your neighbours. Some of them will start bowing to you when you see them walking the dog. It's the ultimate marker of badassery and it will demand respect.

Man with beard and reap rash guard

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